You Won’t See Preparation For Martial Law on Buzzfeed

Breaking: US Army Trains for Martial Law In US A mock small town Christian steeple sits among the martial law training infrastructure. The federal government has been in a big hurry to build a 300 acre city in just 2 years at an expense of $96 million in taxpayer funds in order to train the military “for problems we don’t even know we have yet.” If you’ve been following Infowars, you’ve seen us document over and over again what they’re training for with a detailed American city like this: martial law within this nation. And now, The Telegraph is confirming the construction of this small town military simulation that will be used to train troops for combat against the American people. Unlike the urban training centers we’ve seen before where the buildings are just empty concrete block structures or even plywood facades, this town is very detailed with glass windows, handicap parking signs, speed limit signs, logos on the subway that match the DC metro, and even a small town steeple (that was originally claimed to be a mosque). They’ve made it clear in manual after manual, scenario after scenario that they perceive the enemy as gun owners, limited government conservatives, libertarians and Christians.  

Cities Under Siege: The New Military Urbanism

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Instructions How To: Military Used Against Civilians

DoD Issues Instructions on Military Support of Civilian Law Enforcement Soldiers from the 3rd Battalion, 321st Field Artillery Regiment, XVIII Fires Brigade train last December to “respond to an escalating civil-disturbance situation caused by unhappy simulated hurricane victims.”  According to an article produced by the 82nd Combat Aviation Brigade, the training was designed to prepare the soldiers “for their upcoming assignment as a quick reaction and rapid response force for U.S. Army North Command in support of emergencies in the United States.” Public Intelligence The Department of Defense has issued an instruction clarifying the rules for the involvement of military forces in civilian law enforcement.  The instruction establishes “DoD policy, assigns responsibilities, and provides procedures for DoD support to Federal, State, tribal, and local civilian law enforcement agencies, including responses to civil disturbances within the United States.” The new instruction titled “Defense Support of Civilian Law Enforcement Agencies” was released at the end of February, replacing several older directives on military assistance to civilian law enforcement and civil disturbances.  The instruction requires that senior DoD officials develop “procedures and issue appropriate direction as necessary for defense support of civilian law enforcement agencies in coordination with the General Counsel of the Department of Defense, and in consultation with the Attorney General of the United States”, including “tasking the DoD Components to plan for and to commit DoD resources in response to requests from civil authorities for [civil disturbance operations].”  Military officials are to coordinate with “civilian law enforcement agencies on policies […]

The U.S. Military Pocket Survival Guide: Plus Evasion & Recovery

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Military Forces in Syria, Lebanon and Jordan Have Raised Their Alert Levels

High Military Alert Across Middle East Following Israeli Attack Inside Syria Military forces in Syria, Lebanon and Jordan have raised their alert levels following an Israeli attack inside Syria on Wednesday. The Arabic-language daily Lebanese newspaper Addiyar reports that Syria has moved troops to the Israel-occupied Golan Heights, the Lebanese Army has reinforced its southern outposts and Jordan has positioned troops on the Jordan River border with Israel, according to The Voice of Russia. DEBKAfile reports that the Russian fleet in the Mediterranean is also on high alert. Its military sources claim that “Turkish units on the Syrian border are on high preparedness although Ankara played down the reports of the Israeli air strike in Syria, uncomfortable over the fact that the Israeli Air Force was the first external power to intervene directly in the Syrian conflict.” DEBKAfile claims that U.S. forces stationed at the Turkish Incerlik air base, U.S. Special Forces deployed at the Jordanian Mafraq air facility and American, German and Dutch Patriot missile units on the Turkish border are also on high preparedness. The Russian Foreign Ministry issued a statement on the attack. “If this information is confirmed, then we are dealing with unprovoked attacks on targets on the territory of a sovereign country, which blatantly violates the UN Charter and is unacceptable, no matter the motives to justify it,” the ministry said on Thursday. Iran’s foreign minister condemned what he called Israel’s “brutal aggression” against Syria. “There is no doubt that this aggression is part of […]

NDAA 2013: Improvement Over Previous Version?

2013 NDAA Expands Power of Military to Detain Citizens In response to widespread outrage over the National Defense Authorization Act passed last year, Congress is said to be working on a more Constitution friendly version of the legislation. The latest version was overwhelmingly approved by the House Armed Services Committee on May 8 and introduced the following week. “This year, through the incorporation of the Right to Habeas Corpus Act, the bill makes clear beyond a shadow of a doubt that every American will have his day in court,” a press release issued by the Armed Services Committee states. Is the NDAA 2013 an improvement over the previous version? At first glance, it would seem so. Consider the following clause included in the bill: Nothing in the AUMF [Authorization for the Use of Military Force] or the 2012 NDAA shall be construed to deny the availability of the writ of habeas corpus or to deny any Constitutional rights in a court ordained or established by or under Article III of the Constitution for any person who is lawfully in the United States when detained pursuant to the AUMF and who is otherwise entitled to the availability of such writ or such rights. However, according to Bruce Afran, a lawyer for a group of journalists and activists suing the government over the NDAA 2012, this is merely smoke and mirrors. Because there are no established rules allowing a citizen to exercise the right to a civilian trial, as guaranteed by the […]

Military Housing Making Service Men And Families Sick
Military Housing

Dangerous state of military housing making service members sick across the U.S (NaturalNews) The U.S. military is equipped with the finest, deadliest and most technologically advanced gear on the planet. Satellites from space can spot bad guys on the ground, while drones guided by pilots in remote locations 9,000 miles away direct missile fire towards the unsuspecting enemy. The U.S. builds bombers and jet fighters that are nearly invisible to radar; warships and submarines that can avoid detection, and cyber warfare capabilities that can penetrate the toughest countermeasures. But the Pentagon can’t seem to provide something as simple as decent housing for tens of thousands of its soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines. Typical of this problem is the case of a Navy family in Norfolk, Va., who is suing the sub-contractor company that manages housing for thousands of service members and their families in Hampton Roads over an ongoing mold issue they say has contributed to a number of health problems. The suit, according to local reports, seeks $ 3.7 million in damages and is the second mold-related suit directed against Lincoln Military Housing to reach federal court in Norfolk, which has historically been home to tens of thousands of Navy personnel. Lincoln manages some 4,400 rental units in the region via a public-private partnership arrangement with local military bases. Five more cases against the company for the same problem are pending in state court. A year of allergies In the latest case, Petty Officer 2nd Class Angel Manual Chaparro-Mendoza […]

Police State Elections In New Jersey

Military To Run Elections In New Jersey DoD Trucks To Collect Paper Ballots Steve Watson Nov 2, 2012 With close to two million people in New Jersey without power in the aftermath of hurricane Sandy, and an national election due next week, it has been determined that the best way forward is to hand over the reigns to the Department of Defense. Many polling stations will have no power and therefore no means of conducting their duties on election day. The deadline for processing mail in ballots has been extended until Friday, however many will still have no means of voting. The AP reports that in light of this, military trucks are to be parked in the vicinity of polling stations and will be authorized to issue and accept paper ballots Republican Secretary of State and Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno said voters will find “a DOD truck with a well-situated National Guardsman and a big sign saying, ‘Vote Here.’” “There’s no reason not to vote, there’s no reason not to vote today, there’s certainly no reason not to vote on Tuesday, five days from today,” Guadagno said. Clearly there are concerns with the such plans. Aside from the fact that having armed soldiers in uniform overseeing a democratic voting process is somewhat troubling, the fact that the location of polling stations will be mobile and not announced until the last minute opens up an increased possibility of fraud. Although Obama was projected to comfortably take New Jersey, Gov. Chris […]

Big Sis Loaning Out Military Style Drones To Sheriffs Departments: Privacy Group Sues

DHS secretly flying surveillance missions for other law enforcement agencies Steve Watson Nov 1, 2012 A privacy rights watchdog is suing the Department of Homeland Security for information relating to the agency’s practice of loaning out Predator drones to law enforcement agencies in the US. The Electronic Frontier Foundation wants to obtain and make public details regarding the DHS’ granting permission for domestic police departments to borrow and operate the same type of drones that are used by the military in Afghanistan and elsewhere. Information via news items, DHS press releases, and word of mouth has made it apparent that the DHS is overseeing predator drone flights for a range of local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies. The Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is flying DHS drones fitted with video cameras, infrared cameras, heat sensors, and radar. the Texas Rangers, as well as the Bureau of Land Management, and the Department of Defense have also used DHS drones. Even a county sheriff’s department in North Dakota is reported to have operated a predator drone belonging to the DHS. “We’ve seen bits and pieces of information on CBP’s Predator drones, but Americans deserve the full story,” said EFF Staff Attorney Jennifer Lynch. The EFF filed suit in a federal court in San Francisco after the DHS did not respond to a Freedom of Information Act request. “Drones are a powerful surveillance tool that can be used to gather extensive data about you and your activities. The public needs to […]

Pentagon Weighs US Military Options in Mali

Luis Ramirez October 24, 2012 Pentagon officials on Tuesday neither confirmed nor denied reports that secret talks are under way between the United States and France on plans to bring northern Mali back under the control of the country’s central government. U.S. efforts to wrest control of much of northern Mali from Islamist militants have centered on enabling Washington’s partners in the region to win back control of the territory – and not by sending in U.S. troops to do the job. News reports this week say France is sending in drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles, to do surveillance missions – something Pentagon officials say the United States has been doing for several months. Read more

US military death toll in Afghanistan hits 2,000

US military death toll in Afghanistan hits 2,000 ITN Sept 30, 2012 A member of Nato’s Afghan force and a civilian contractor have been killed in the latest so-called insider attack by a member of the country’s security forces, bringing the US death toll in the conflict up to 2,000. The attack in eastern Afghanistan on Saturday came after the United States said joint operations with Afghan forces were returning to normal. Joint operations were halted two weeks ago after a surge of attacks by Afghan allies. At least 52 members of the Nato force have been killed this year in so-called green-on-blue attacks. It was too early to say what impact the latest incident would have on plans to restore joint-operations with Afghan forces to normal, a spokesman for NATO’s International Security Assistance Force said.

US Military Deaths in Afghanistan Hit 2,000

US Military Deaths in Afghanistan Hit 2,000 Associated Press September 30, 2012 U.S. military deaths in the Afghan war have reached 2,000, a cold reminder of the human cost of an 11-year-old conflict that garners little public interest at home as the United States prepares to withdraw most of its combat forces by the end of 2014. The toll has climbed steadily in recent months with a spate of attacks by Afghan army and police against American and NATO troops, and questions about whether allied countries will achieve their aim of helping the Afghan government and its forces stand on their own after most foreign troops depart in little more than two years. Read full article