Constitution Day is Every Day

Michael Boldin
September 17, 2012

Ok, here we go again.  It’s September 17, 2012, and that means, it’s “Constitution Day” in the United States.  Two-hundred twenty five years ago today, the delegates to the Constitutional Convention met for the last time to sign the document they had drafted.

Sadly, though, this so-called national holiday is a sham.

Politicians who never follow the Constitution will tell us about its greatness.  Pundits who could care less about Constitutional limits will wax eloquent about how we should all praise the wisdom of the Framers.  And educators – under an unconstitutional federal mandate – will pretend to teach our children about the Constitution, even though they’re mostly clueless about it.

This “Constitution Day” wasn’t always a widespread date of importance in this country.  Back in 2004, federal politicians passed a law mandating the teaching of the Constitution in schools that receive federal funds, as well as federal agencies.  It stated, in part:

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  • Peter Gosinya says:

    I’m writing a paper for school and want to know what every day people think on the concept of a living constitution. it would be great if some people could give me some feedback so i can give some insight that came from your average people instead of a politician or such. thanks!

  • Dixon B. Tweenerlegs says:

    Every day Glenn Beck tells us how our country is disintegrating. Does he think this helps us?

  • Phillip McCrack says:

    My father is a police officer, and I have been a practicing attorney for five years. When I entered law school is when my father told me how he really felt. He feels that he honestly puts his life on the line every day to protect and serve while most lawyers do nothing but find loop holes, dig for legal technicalities, and lie just to keep the guilty from incarceration.

    I’ll be the first to admit that there is a plethora of attorneys that will lie and are inherently corrupt and blinded by the almighty $$. There’s also plenty of cops whom are wolves in sheeps clothing that brainwash people into thinking they have no rights and this happens everyday. Every person has the constitutional right to a defense whether we (myself included) like it or not. There’s been several times I have responded to a client’s request for my prescence during their questioning and the arresting officer has been nothing short of surly & condescending to me.

    What’s the deal? We both are two integral parts of the legal system, and we should be for each other not against. I commend those in law enforcement for their bravery and for their sworn oaths to uphold the constitution of the United States, but after a heated debate with my father I want to know.
    Jimbo, I came to the conclusion that you blatently misunderstood my statement. What I said was this, ” I’ll be the first to admit, there’s a plethora of lawyers that are bonafide liars” I NOWHERE stated in my post that I (myself) lie, I am in agreement with you when you stated that one cannot win a case by telling anything less than the truth. Yes, you are right on that my main focus is presenting a legitimate, ethical, and moral defense for my client to the best of my ability as a counsel and a fight for the client as I would like/expect for myself in their shoes. It is sickening to ponder just how many innocent individuals currently incarcerated due to flawed decisions and corrupt injustice. It’s common sense to know that corruption will never cease, but we can do our parts by simply doing our jobs with an honest heart & tongue, a devoted mentality, a meticulous & aggressive personality and cross our fingers that our long hours and hard work pay off.

    I rest my

  • Dick Seaman says:

    As the day goes on and sometimes When I get done meditating in the morning I feel sleepy, sometimes not all the time I feel kind of spaced out. What are some ways that I can prevent being sleepy or spaced out after meditation?

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