5 Million Volt Cattle Prod Developed For “Crowd Control”

5 Million Volt Cattle Prod Developed For “Crowd Control”

BattleProd designed for pain compliance

Paul Joseph Watson
October 2, 2012

As law enforcement agencies and the federal government accelerate their preparations for civil unrest, a new 5 million volt tactical cattle prod has been developed for the purposes of “crowd control” and pain compliance.

In the video above, Donovan Hunter of Stunning Developments, Inc. showcases the new BattleProd, the world’s first weapon-mountable pain compliance-inducing stun baton which Hunter says is designed for use in “crowd control applications.”

The weapon was on display at the recent 2012 SOFIC (Special Operations Forces Industry Conference), described as “the defense industry’s premier event,” and attended by military and police professionals. The event was sponsored by Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman.

According to a write-up of the BattleProd by Defense Review, the weapon is “intimidating” and “loud”.

“This thing is just too much fun. I mean, what’s not too like? It gives you 3-5 million volts of compliance-inducing electricity either in your hand (handheld variant) or at the end of your weapon (rifle/carbine, weapon-mountable variant). Touch the BattleProd anywhere on the rod (front, sides, etc.), and you’re goin’ down like a sack a’ potatoes. Actually, you’re probably goin’ night-night for a little while,” writes David Crane.

The most powerful Tasers can only reach around 50,000 volts and despite being described as “non-lethal” have killed at least 500 Americans. Given that the BattleProd can achieve 5 million volts, concerns surrounding the safety of the device will obviously be paramount. However, in the clip Hunter claims that the weapon cannot kill and that victims fully recover after around 20 minutes.

The fact that the weapon is being developed for use by both police and military assets who are increasingly being re-oriented to carry out homeland security operations will increase fears that the BattleProd will be another tool of domestic oppression in the event of widespread civil unrest.

As we reported last week, LRAD sonic weapons which are also designed to disperse crowds via non-lethal pain compliance are being deployed “throughout” America in readiness for upcoming national emergencies and other crises.

The Department of Homeland Security, the US ArmyUS Military Police, as well as law enforcement bodies across the country are all making preparations for riots and civil unrest in light of domestic disorder that has gripped Europe as a result of the financial crisis, most recently in Greece and Spain.

A recently leaked US Army Military Police training manual for “Civil Disturbance Operations” outlines how military assets are to be used domestically to quell riots, confiscate firearms and even kill Americans on U.S. soil during mass civil unrest.

Watch another video clip of the BattleProd in action below.


Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for Prison Planet.com. He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a regular fill-in host for The Alex Jones Show and Infowars Nightly News.

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  • Heywood Japhucker says:

    Why is the government recruiting church preachers to encourage their chruch members to obey the government if martial law is declared and the military goes door to door to disarm the public and take them by force to a FEMA camp? This is not conspiracy theory. Follow the links. It was on the local tv news, but they put a lot of spin on it (the youtube link).

    from freemarketnews.com:

    If your church minister suddenly starts telling you to “obey the government,” it might be a personal belief, or it might be an order from FEMA – so claims Internet investigator Paul Joseph Watson, writing on an online news website.

    He cites a pastor, referred to as “Pastor Revere,” who spoke on Internet radio about being approached by local FEMA agents training religious leaders to become “secret police enforcers who teach their congregations to ‘obey the government’ in preparation for a declaration of martial law, property and firearm seizures, and forced relocation.” Pastor Revere was reportedly invited to a meeting of his local FEMA chapter, and said that the FEMA representatives at the meeting told the assembled pastors it was “their job to help implement FEMA and Homeland Security directives in anticipation of any of these eventualities.” They were even given specific scripture to use in this, including the notorious Romans 13, which Watson calls “the often taken out of context bible passage used by Hitler to hoodwink Christians into supporting him.”

    Watson states that he has uncovered confirmation of this plan from a number of preachers and pastors, and sees it as “a nationwide initiative and a literal Soviet model whereby the churches are being systematically infiltrated by government volunteers and used as conduits for martial law training and conditioning,” with already over 13,000 counties were on board. – ST

    I think your screen name should be “Hitler’s best friend.”
    You didn’t click the links did you?

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